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    CSU Chancellor's Office

    Senior Program Advisor (2017)

    • Sole advisor for all outbound students and intake for approximately 700 CSU applicants
    • Generated weekly report summarizing details of applicants in different stages
    • Evaluated eligibility of exchange applicants and make selection recommendations

    Washington State University - Global Learning

    Global Learning Advisor (2012 -Present)

    • Advise and support 100+ students every term
    • Collaborate with Career Center counselors to host resume workshop
    • Strategize with team to improve student service and increase numbers as part of Generation Study Abroad Initiative
    • Organize Pre-Departure Orientation for 700 participants per year (a student highighted it in an article: theodysseyonline.com/washington-state); increased completion rate by 28%
    • Work with academic advisors to ensure student progress towards degree
    • Implemented online orientation framework
    • Coordinated Peer Advisor program of 12-16 student volunteers

    Melbourne Global Mobility

    Project Coordinator Graduate Intern (2012)

    • Coordinated multiple events: 3-day training (25 student mentors), Welcome Orientation (550 exchange students), Education Abroad Fair (1100 attendees)
    • Provided input and oversaw development of promotional student interview video that is still in use: mobility.unimelb.edu.au/outbound
    • Implemented returnee questionnaire and acheived a 20% response rate
    • Researched and made recommendations for long-term strategic intercultural skills assessment

    MassArt International Education Center

    Interim Program Coordinator ( 2010-2011)

    • One Person Office
    • Managed 7 faculty-led programs per term: $50,000 budget each
    • Worked effectively with diverse faculty to develop and promote programs
    • Coordinated with consortium to achieve implementation of Studio Abroad (TDS)
    • Supervised 5 paid peer advisors per semester

    Global Immersions

    Graduate Intern (2011)

    • Evaluated potential home-stays throughout Boston & Cambridge area
    • Researched opportunities and resources 
    • Completed summary reports 

    Intrax Global Internships

    Coordinator/Intern (2009)

    • Worked with prospective students through application and pre-departure process
    • Addressed situation surrounding visa restrictions regarding bird-flu from a U.S.-based student with a Mexican passport
    • Completed 2-month Intrax Global Internship in Japan focused on concierge service at Takashimaya (a prestigious Tokyo company) while also assisting with on-site staff responsibilities for Intrax

    Institute of International Education

    Fulbright Program Assistant (2008-2009)

    • Prepared batch updates for J-1 International Fulbright Scholars 
    • observed U.S. Fulbright Committee review process
    • Corporate Scholarships Administration

    AEON (English Conversation School)

    English Teacher (2005-2007)

    • Taught students from ages 3 to 70
    • Recommended additional study tools to students during bi-annual campaigns
    • Represented and promoted AEON in the community

    UCI Study Abroad Center

    Peer Advisor (2003)

    • Conducted initial advising for prospective exchange (UCEAP) students 
    • Reached out to faculty to conduct specialized classroom presentations based on course subjects
    • Promoted study abroad at fairs and created signs to post strategically on campus

    Universities, Degrees & Professional Education

    Intercultural Relations, M.A.


    Anthropology, B.A.

    minor: Sociology


    year exchange


    semester exchange


    -NAFSA Academy '14

    -NAFSA Marketing for EA

  • Student-Centered EXPERTISE


    From in-person presentations to online training, I believe that engaging an audience will help them get the most out of an encounter. I'm always collecting resources for this tool box.

    Appreciative Advising

    I enjoy working with students at every stage and strive to provide what students both want & need using different mediums based on varying learning styles.

    Intercultural Competence

    I continue to both practice and challenge my own ICC, so I can best work with students on understanding their own growth


    When I'm off the clock...



    The light in my heart
    honors the light in yours.


    Hang ten.

    Swimming, surfing & SCUBA.



    All animals are lovely, but I'm a dog person at heart.